Income protection insurance

What is the purpose of income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance covers you if you temporarily have no income as a result of a health problem. If you are freelancer or with a liberal profession then you have to fend for yourself in the event of sickness or accident since the Social Security scheme only cuts in after 4 months off work. Income protection insurance helps you avoid financial worry.


Why choose "medicis pro" cover?

With "medicis pro" you can reduce your financial problems and concentrate on regaining your health. "Medicis pro"healthcare insurance offers you:

  • Complete risk coverage
  • Financial security in the event of time off work


Which costs are covered by "medicis pro"?

"Medicis pro" covers medical expenses, but also outgo for comfort issues both as an outpatient or inpatient:

  • Free choice of hospital and doctor throughout Europe
  • Medical consultation fees
  • Reimbursement of medicines
  • Services related to eyesight
  • Dental and orthodontic treatment, dentures
  • Treatment under alternative medicine
  • Treatment in 1st class accommodation

Other benefits

  • Daily benefits in the event of a stay in hospital
  • Travel insurance
  • Assistance services for children

These benefits are identical to those under the "Medicis" healthcare plan.


How much does income protection insurance cost?

The premium for income protection insurance depends mainly on the insured's financial needs.

Take advantage of daily benefits!

Income protection cover guarantees you daily benefits fixed in advance. You fix the amount of the benefits yourself depending on your financial needs. Benefits become payable from day 1 (on request) and are paid also on Sundays and bank holidays. Benefits paid out are not subject to income tax.

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